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We are delighted to announce The Northern Farmer Awards 2023.

The Northern Farmer Awards provide a platform to celebrate excellence in agriculture across a variety of sectors. Covering a vast swathe of northern England, the awards recognise those going above and beyond to put food on the plates of the nation.

A wide range of categories means farming operations and agricultural businesses of all sizes, and in many different stages of development can be honoured, as well as individuals who are leading the way in the industry.

New for 2022 was the Women in Agriculture category, won by Kate Dale of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society, who has done so much to support and advocate for other females in farming.

As well as handing out the awards, we love to tell the stories behind our nominees, getting to the heart of their businesses and communities.

Our awards are the perfect opportunity to shout about all that is brilliant in northern farming, so please don’t hesitate put forward someone who you think deserves to have their achievements brought to a wider audience. 

Hannah Chapman

Editor, The Northern Farmer


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Sheep Farmer of The Year

This award recognises the skills of a Sheep Farmer who has demonstrated a comprehensive approach to the management of their flock which includes consideration of the breeding programme, selection of rams, parasitic control, grassland management, rationing protocols and measures of performance. In addition, they will have a clear understanding of their costs, a marketing approach to selling their animals and a strategy for the future development of the business. The business will also be able to demonstrate/refer to external advice and services used to support the business.



Family Run Farm of The Year

We want to recognise the families who are the heart of Northern farming. As a family unit through generations, you will have developed a sustainable business, securing your family’s place in Northern farming for years to come. You will have kept with family traditions, but also created new ways of farming which allow you to compete in a changing environment. You will credit your teamwork as a unit as pivotal to your success. 




Diversification Award

This category is open to people who are working to create a more diverse environment and to improve and enhance the countryside, with consequent benefits to wildlife, while farming their land in an effective and progressive way and maintaining a viable business.

Judges are likely to be interested in such aspects of farm/land management as running environmentally based schemes (for example, sustainable tree planting, traditional hay meadows) and also educational initiatives.

Entrants may also highlight examples of collaborative projects involving outside organisations, including bodies which provide funding for environmental improvements.


Dairy Farmer of The Year

We are looking for a dairy farmer that can fulfil the following criteria; a forward looking farmer who – knows where he/she wants to be in 5-10 years and how they are going to get there and who looks to innovation to help bring these objectives to life. We want to see evidence of thinking outside the box in terms of dairying and farming in general. Our winner will understand the importance they play as Dairy farmers in their community and the wider reach.







Farm Manager of The Year

Managing a farm or estate for a business or an individual has become more challenging over the years, with volatility now a part of everyday life and a rapidly changing agricultural landscape, just two of the issues to be managed. The successful winner of the Farm Manager of the Year category will need to demonstrate how they manage, develop and motivate staff on farm to see the opportunities that exist in this changing landscape. The successful Farm Manager will have excellent financial, operational and people management skills. 






Arable Farmer of The Year

This award will identify an Arable Farmer who can demonstrate a clear vision for the future with a management strategy for the business, which incorporates a detailed understanding of costs and an investment plan. The category winner will need to define how they have managed resources and delivered efficiencies to the business and improved quality and profit.

The business will also demonstrate a marketing approach which considers different elements of the supply chain and can demonstrate how they are helping to protect the environment, through participation in recognised environmental schemes.


Outstanding Achievement Award

This category is open to nominations for those demonstrating an outstanding achievement in the agricultural industry. We want to recognise individuals who have made a significant contribution to farming and can evidence this with proven success. For example, you may know someone who has a highly successful business and deserves to be recognised for their innovations and achievements. Alternatively, it may be somebody who is forward thinking and has seen positive results by demonstrating the very best in farming practices?




Beef Farmer of The Year

This award recognises the skills of a Beef Farmer who has a clear and progressive business plan and has in place programmes and policies for the management of health livestock for breeding, rearing and finishing, coupled with a strong grassland and forage management strategy. The business will also demonstrate a well-defined marketing approach, with added value a key component clearly evident. The use of professional advice and services should also be obvious.






Women in Agriculture Award

We are pleased to include a new category – Women in Agriculture – which will celebrate the significant contribution women make to the farming industry.






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