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Sussex Community Star & Care Awards

We are delighted to announce the Sussex Community Star & Care Awards

The Sussex Community Star & Care Awards Awards are here to show recognition to all our hero’s that have become pillars of the community over the last 12 months. Newsquest wish to honour those who have sacrificed their time and effort to ensure their family, friends, neighbours and more have the best possible life.

Nominations are welcomed from the general public, business and private organisations as well as family and friends, we welcome you all to get involved!.

The judging panel will be made up of business experts from across the local area who will have the prestigious task of selecting the winners of their category and presenting the award at the black tie gala event.

Please note: all nominations are accepted in good faith, and on the basis that both the nominee and the person making the nomination consents to the publication by the awards organiser of all information provided in print, online and social media.

We welcome you all to get involved!

Michael Harper

Managing Director of Newsquest Essex & North London


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Lynda Clark

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Best Teacher Award

This award will recognise a teacher or lecturer who inspires and engages with students to fulfil their potential and makes an exceptional contribution to the life of the school, college or university.

Local Hero Award

This award will be given for an overwhelming commitment to a worthy cause, a heroic act which showcased a persons selflessness and bravery or someone who regularly goes the extra mile, thinking of only others.

Good Nurse Award

We are looking for a health care professional who demonstrates an innovative and caring approach to their work. This person must demonstrate outstanding levels of commitment to their patients care and to put the patient at the heart of all they do. Entrants can be from any health care profession, and can work anywhere from community surgeries to surgical theatres.

In-Home Help Award

This award celebrates the contribution that a single person or team can provide for their in-home help users. By just being there daily or helping someone to live an independent safe and fulfilled life.

Charity / Fundraiser Award

This award will be used to celebrate the hard work completed for an individual, team or company who have donated their time or money making a real difference to the community.

Foster Carer Award

This award celebrates outstanding achievements in fostering and recognises those who make exceptional contributions to foster care every day.

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is to showcase someone special who has just taken each day as it comes and made life easier for a certain person, family or resident during the last 12 months within such unprecedented times.

Mental Health Award

This award is open to a department or individual carer / nurse / doctor who specialise in the care and treatment of Mental Health. Good mental health is now recognised as a vital component to good overall health..

Care Employer Award

This award goes to the care employer who can demonstrate strong commitment to employees without diminishing the care they provide. The Winner will have a strong and loyal workforce, who feel valued and recognised for the contributions they make. 

Young Community Star of the Year Award

This award is for a person under the age of 18 who has helped do something amazing within the community, helping others or simply being the driving force to make change.

Community Star of the Year Award

This award is for an adult who has done something amazing, be it pulling a community together, helping people in need or being the driving force for change.



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